(j3.2006) UK10 paper

David Muxworthy d.muxworthy
Wed Oct 2 08:42:18 EDT 2013

On 2 Oct 2013, Dan Nagle wrote:

> The jumble paper is the UK-10 paper he wrote that jumbles together
> several topics.  It appears to be written quickly, as some of the items
> listed in the heading are not, in fact, covered by the paper itself.

Since some clarification seems to be needed: the paper was an attempt
to describe the edits needed to implement what WG5 had agreed for
UK-10.  That is a single topic, not a 'jumble'.  I ran out of time and
so sent in what I had to meet the two-week rule.  There was an
unwritten implication that the missing parts, which exist but are
incomplete, would be submitted after the deadline but before the

There is no 'jumble' within the paper.  There is no point in having
separate sections for COMMON and EQUIVALENCE and then having different
edits for the very same line.


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