(j3.2006) authors are people

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Tue Oct 1 03:41:40 EDT 2013

>Let me remind everyone that Authors of J3 papers are people,
>not groups.

Assuming you are not taking aim just at the single paper with a group author 
(329), I see 3 papers where the pattern matcher for paper202.txt got the wrong 
word to use as an author, and many papers with dual authorship but the pattern 
matcher only got the second one.

Are we now supposed to tailor the "From:" field to precisely match the vagaries 
of the pattern matcher?

In the recent past we've had many papers with dual authorship expressed in the 
    Author One, Another Two
    Author One/Another Two
and less frequently subgroup-authored papers with a primary author variously 
expressed as
   Author Prime for Subgroup
   Author Prime/Subgroup

If we want to pander to the pattern matcher those should be
   Author/Another One/Two
   Author Prime/Subgroup
I would guess...

What is the Librarian's pleasure?

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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