(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4930) J3/13-xxxr1 interp letter ballot #28 - due 19-Apr-2013

Whitlock, Stan stan.whitlock
Tue Mar 12 03:01:23 EDT 2013

WG5 - please find attached the corrected J3 interp letter ballot #28.  Interp F03/0053 is not being balloted.

Dan Nagle - please use as the paper number for the attached paper the paper number assigned to the original LB #28 and put this r1 in the J3 meeting 201 directory.

Thanks                                                              /Stan


To:        J3 Members
From:      Stan Whitlock
Subject:   J3 Fortran interp letter ballot #28 - due 19-Apr-2013
Date: 12-Mar-2013

r1: remove F03/0053 from ballot - it has already passed J3 LB #27

Enclosed in the next letter ballot on Fortran interpretations.

The rules by which we operate say:

    o   J3 votes on the answer at a J3 meeting; a simple majority
        vote marks the answer as "passed by J3 meeting".

    o   Between J3 meetings the chair of /interp sends a J3 letter
        ballot to J3 to approve interp answers that have been "passed
        by J3 meeting".  The letter ballot runs for 30 days.  Not
        voting on three of four consecutive J3 letter ballots is
        grounds to terminate J3 membership.  An interp answer passes
        by a 2/3rds vote;  a no vote must be accompanied by an
        explanation of the changes necessary to change the member's
        vote to yes.

        J3/interp reserves the right to recall an interp answer for
        more study even if the answer passes.

12 Fortran interpretations are currently "Passed by J3 meeting" after
J3 meeting #200.  This is the letter ballot phase to go from "Passed
by J3 meeting" to "Passed by J3 letter ballot".

The following Fortran interpretations are being balloted:

Yes  No   Number     Title

---  ---  F03/0030   IEEE divide by zero
---  ---  F03/0047   Polymorphic arguments to intrinsic
---  ---  F03/0064   Recursive declaration of procedure interfaces
---  ---  F03/0100   Error in field width for special cases of signed
                                INFINITY output
---  ---  F03/0139   Functions returning procedure pointers
---  ---  F08/0071   Vector subscript target
---  ---  F08/0085   Problems with PARAMETERs
---  ---  F08/0086   Implied-shape and separate PARAMETER statement
---  ---  F08/0087   Mixed-kind character assignment
---  ---  F08/0088   Can ALLOCATE with SOURCE= have side-effects in a
                                PURE proc?
---  ---  F08/0089   Variable-denoting functions change existing
---  ---  F08/0090   What restrictions apply to initialization and

The text of these interpretations is attached.  Each interpretation
starts with a row of "-"s.

Please mark the above -Y- in the Yes column for "yes", -C- in the Yes
column for "yes with comment", or -N- in the No column for a "no"
answer {be sure to include your reasons with "no"} and send only the
above text {not this entire mail message} with any comments to

        j3 at j3-fortran.org

by 11:59:59PM, PDT, Friday, 19-Apr-2013, in order to be counted.

Thanks                         /Stan
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