(j3.2006) Should the TS 18508 draft get a standing document number?

David Muxworthy d.muxworthy
Tue Mar 5 09:41:43 EST 2013

On 5 Mar 2013, at 14:07, Bill Long wrote:

> It would be good to have a verified TS number as well.  The 18508 number 
> was taken from the ANSI ballot for approving the work item, but seems 
> questionable as an ISO TS number, considering that our previous one was 
> 29113.

Well, SC22N4779 has:

Title:  Report of Voting on SC 22 N 4758, New Work Item Proposal on
        Information technology - Additional Parallel Features in Fortran

Status: For information. This new work item has been approved and been
        added to the SC 22 Programme of Work as NP TS 18508. SC 22/WG 5
        is requested to review the results and submit a WD or CD to the
        SC 22 Secretary for circulation for comment or ballot as soon as

Date of document: 2012-12-05

So 18508 should be OK.


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