(j3.2006) Suggestion for Fortran 201x: Adding support for ignoring the TKR of the actual argument

Bill Long longb
Mon Mar 4 09:08:44 EST 2013

On 3/3/13 9:05 PM, Malcolm Cohen wrote:
>> Secondly, and that's a much bigger issue: If I use a generic interface,
>> "dimension(*)" will cease to accept arrays of any rank. Thus, I have to
>> add a scalar version and one array version per rank.
> So don't use a generic then.

I agree that the generics have problems.

>> First, having two "void *buffer" arguments might also occur.
> This is a solved problem, just use C_PTR and C_LOC.  You don't even need the TS
> features for this.  Admittedly each call is a little uglier, but it's not that
> big a deal.

I think the main problem is that the MPI 3 interfaces are using 
type(*),dimension(*) assuming this matches a void * C function formal 
parameter.  It does for array actual arguments, but fails for the one 
case of a scalar dummy argument.   We "fixed" the scalar dummy argument 
problem for the assumed-rank case / descriptor case, but not for the 
assumed-size/void * case.

While it is a kluge, this could be fixed by modifying the rules such 
that a scalar actual argument that is not an array element can 
correspond to a  rank-one assumed-size dummy argument in an interface 
with BIND(C).   The assumed size of the dummy would be 1 in this case.


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