(j3.2006) Editorial (?) stuff

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Fri Mar 1 21:43:08 EST 2013

The constraints against using EXIT or CYCLE to leave CRITICAL or
CONCURRENT constructs are on the EXIT and CYCLE statements (C821 and

The constraints against using RETURN and branch to leave CRITICAL and
CONCURRENT constructs are on the constructs (C810, C811, C822, C824).

The CHANGE TEAM construct in TS 18508 (13-251) has (or needs) similar

Rather than proliferating them, the constraints on RETURN and branching
ought to be on the RETURN statement, probably within C1269, and a new
constraint in 8.2.1, resulting in two constraints (one modified plus a
new one) instead of six.

The constraints and prohibitions against image-control statements
appearing and being executed within certain constructs (C810, 8.1.5p2,
C823) ought to be in 8.5.1.  The restriction parallel to 8.1.5p2 that
applies to the CONCURRENT construct is implied by C825 and then C1288.
There ought at least to be a note about it in 8.5.1, or a subclause
about "Restrictions on image control."  7.1.7p3, or a note to that
effect, ought to be in 8.5.1.  C1288, or a note to that effect, ought to
be in 8.5.1.

The requirement in 7.2p1 in TS 18508 (13-251) that references to
collective subroutines can appear only in contexts that allow an image
control statement ought to result in an edit to 8.5.1 or thereabouts in
12-007.  Since references to them are (apparently) not image control
statements, they aren't covered by C810, 8.1.5p2, C823, and C1288, but
would be if restrictions on image control (statements) were collected in
8.5.1 or a dedicated subclause of 8.5.

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