(j3.2006) Fortran 2003 question

Robert Corbett robert.corbett
Wed Jul 31 17:17:58 EDT 2013

On 07/31/13 05:45, Bill Long wrote:
> Ultimately, 6.3 says "redefinition of a constant is never permitted".
A dummy argument that is a data object is a variable, not a constant.  How does 
the Fortran 2003 standard establish that redefinition of the dummy argument 
constitutes a redefinition of the actual argument?  Suppose an expression 
appeared as the actual argument.  What would prevent its redefinition?

This issue is clarified in the Fortran 2008 standard.  Paragraph 5 of Clause 
5.3.10 [97:32-33] covers both the case of the constant and the case of the 
expression.  I have been unable to find an equivalent statement in the Fortran 
2003 standard.
I think the statement is in the wrong context (Clause 5.3.10 is not where I 
think most people would expect to find such a restriction), but at least it is 
present in the standard.

Bob Corbett

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