(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5050) RE: [ukfortran] ts29113 compiler conformance table

Ian Chivers ian.chivers
Wed Jul 31 05:49:37 EDT 2013

Here is an attempt based on Malcolm's comments.


Does this cover everything?


  TS conformant iso_fortran_binding.h


  Assumed shape arguments for BIND(C)


  CFI_CDESC_T and CFI_establish


  CFI_allocate, CFI_setpointer, CFI_deallocate


  ?CFI_section and CFI_select_part?


  ?Assumed rank?


  ?Assumed type? or ?TYPE(*)?


  ?Pass scalar to TYPE(*) DIMENSION(*)?


  ?Non-interoperable array for C_LOC/C_F_POINTER?


  ?Non-interoperable function for C_FUNLOC/C_F_PROCPTR?


  ?New semantics for ASYNCHRONOUS attribute?


  ?RANK intrinsic function?


  ?Allocatable arguments for BIND(C)?


  ?Pointer arguments for BIND(C)?

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