(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5041) First draft of possible table on compiler conformance for TS 29113

Ian Chivers ian.chivers
Fri Jul 26 04:56:08 EDT 2013

Some of you may remember an interchange earlier this year about the
construction of a table on compiler conformance regarding TS 29113.

It would be an addition to


The original request and input had come from Tobias Burnus.

* TS29113: I think you should add a section about support of "Technical 
Specification on Further Interoperability of Fortran with C" (ISO/IEC TS 
29113:2012); cf. ftp://ftp.nag.co.uk/sc22wg5/N1901-N1950/N1942.pdf
I suggest the items: "OPTIONAL with BIND(C)", "Assumed type", "Assumed 
rank", "RANK intrinsic", "Array descriptor" and "ASYNCHRONOUS changes".

Reinhold Bader has written a paper
which I have attached and the following is a first attempt at
a possible contents list for the table.

Here is a possible set of entries for the table.

Definition of a C descriptor for Fortran objects

descriptor type name CFI_cdesc_t


    void *base_addr;     
    size_t elem_len;     
    int version;         
    CFI_rank_t rank;     
    CFI_type_t type;     
    CFI_attribute_t attribute;
    CFI_dim_t dim[];     

structure type CFI_dim_t 


    CFI_index_t lower_bound;
    CFI_index_t extent;
    CFI_index_t sm;	

Assumed-shape arguments, array element addressing and contiguity 

Optional arguments 

Creating descriptors and Fortran objects in C 

Dynamic memory management and pointer assignment 

Array sections and type components 

Assumed-rank entities 

Assumed-type entities 

Non-interoperable objects and functions 

Extension of asynchronous processing 

I'm currently working on the December edition of Fortran Forum
and would like to get agreement on the contents of the table
and then circulate to the compiler vendors.

Thanks in advance

Ian Chivers
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