(j3.2006) 13-296

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Thu Jul 25 18:07:12 EDT 2013

In 13-296, Bill Long wrote:

I2: [9:22-29, 13:15-22] We now have very similar sets of constraints
          for variables of type LOCK_TYPE, TEAM_TYPE, and
          EVENT_TYPE. The basic reason is the same in all cases - the
          desire to restrict definition of such variables to a limited
          set of statements.  Perhaps constraints for a new concept,
          such as "restricted type" or "restricted-use type" could be
          written once and then referenced for the three cases.

I proposed a "limited" attribute for types on page 20 in 97-114r2, and
several times since.  It has applicability for user-defined types as
well, not just for ones defined in intrinsic modules.

Ada had it in 1983.

Maybe now that somebody else has realized the value of it, we can get it

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