(j3.2006) PARAMETER attribute seems allowed for a dummy data object

Bill Long longb
Wed Jul 10 23:26:30 EDT 2013

On 7/10/13 7:02 PM, Malcolm Cohen wrote:
>  >
> My first reaction was that a dummy argument data object is a variable
> (see 1.3.154 [20:36-38]), so the constraint is adequate.  However, the
> particular case of an INTENT(IN) dummy variable seems to be questionable.
> It certainly seems completely obvious than an INTENT(IN) dummy variable
> is a variable!
> OTOH, it might be a good idea to use dummy variable consistently instead
> of ???dummy variable??? in some places and ???dummy data object??? in
> others.  Though if you look at how we use it, it is certainly clear that
> we think they are the same, e.g. the title of subclause
> Sadly, I think we use the potentially ambiguous ???dummy data object???
> far more than ???dummy variable???.

I seem to recall that "dummy data object" was popular to make it clearly 
distinct from a dummy procedure or procedure pointer.   More recently we 
explicitly added "data" to the definition of "variable" which resolves 
the same old ambiguity that lead to the instances of "dummy data 
object".    We could have changed "dummy data object" to "dummy 
variable" at the same time, but evidently did not get around to it.


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