(j3.2006) PARAMETER attribute seems allowed for a dummy data object

Bill Long longb
Tue Jul 9 19:09:01 EDT 2013

On 7/9/13 3:07 PM, Daniel C Chen wrote:
> Hello,
> In F2003, PARAMETER cannot be specified for a dummy argument by
> C514 (R501) The PARAMETER attribute shall not be specified for a dummy
> argument, a pointer, an allocatable entity, a function, or an object in
> a common block.
> It seems F2008 removed it and the only constraint  I can find is
> C545 An entity with the PARAMETER attribute shall not be a variable, a
> coarray, or a procedure.
> On the other hand, a dummy data object is a data object, and
> subseuqently it  can be a named constant.
> Is there wording in the F2008 that prohibits PARAMETER for a  dummy data
> object?

Yes.  A declaration with the PARAMETER attribute is for a named 
constant, and requires an <initialization-expr>.  (C507).   A dummy 
argument is not allowed to have an <initialization-expr>.  (C506). 
Thus, PARAMETER is not allowed for a dummy argument.


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