(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5023) J3/13-xxx interp letter ballot #29 after m201 - due 9-Aug-2013

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Mon Jul 8 16:07:32 EDT 2013

The following Fortran interpretations are being balloted:

Yes  No   Number     Title

-Y-  ---  F08/0091   Derived type with no components
-C-  ---  F08/0092   Derived type parameter requirements
-Y-  ---  F08/0093   Process exit status and error termination
-Y-  ---  F08/0094   Procedure statement and double colon
-Y-  ---  F08/0095   Is PRESENT allowed in specification and constant
-Y-  ---  F08/0096   Is VALUE permitted for an array in a BIND(C)
-Y-  ---  F08/0097   Is the optional comma allowed in
-Y-  ---  F08/0098   How many ACQUIRED_LOCK= specifiers are allowed in a
                      LOCK stmt?

F08/0092:  For the archive, insert "be" before "valid" in the first line
of text after the code in the question.

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