(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4918) J3/13-237 for meetiong 200: results of J3 interp letter ballot #27

Whitlock, Stan stan.whitlock
Sat Feb 9 00:30:18 EST 2013

To:        J3 Members
From:      Stan Whitlock
Subject:   Results of the J3 Fortran interp letter ballot #27
Date: 8-Feb-2013

Here are the results of J3 letter ballot #27 on Fortran
interpretations that officially closed 11-Jan-2013.  The ballot is
in J3 paper 13-203 for meeting #200.  If I have transcribed a vote
or a comment incorrectly, please let me know.

J3 rep                 F03 F08 F08 F08 F08 F08
                          053 075 083 084 085 086

result of #27         C   Y   Y   Y   N   N

Dan Chen              Y   Y   Y   Y   Y   N
Malcolm Cohen    Y   C   Y   Y   Y   N
Robert Corbett     Y   C   Y   Y   Y   N
Bill Long                Y   Y   Y   Y   C   C
Toon Moene         Y   Y   Y   Y   Y   N
Dan Nagle             Y   Y   Y   Y   Y   Y
John Reid              Y   Y   Y   Y   Y   N
Van Snyder            C   Y   Y   Y   C   Y
Stan Whitlock        Y   Y   Y   Y   Y   Y

where  Y means "yes"
       C       "yes with comment"
       N       "no with comment"

The comments for each interp are attached below in the same order as
the table above.  The comments for each interp are separated  by a
line of "*"s.

The interps marked "C" pass with some minor fixes, as noted below.  The
interps marked "N" fail.

The edited interps in their final form are attached and will appear
in the next version 006A.

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