(j3.2006) Meeting 201, preliminaries (before finalizing document N1960 as the local arrangements for the 2013 Delft meeting.

John Reid John.Reid
Sat Feb 2 04:51:24 EST 2013


> Please find the the first version of the document attached to this mail.

This seems excellent to me. I propose to send it to NAG over the weekend 
so that it appears on the website on Monday. We can always issue a 
replacement later if you want to make changes (we did this for Markham).

You say nothing about an outing. I see absolutely no need for this. I 
think it will be sufficient to arrange for us all to eat together one 
evening. I am therefore not changing the agenda. We can change it later 
if you wish.

Thanks again for arranging this meeting. See you in Vegas.


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