(j3.2006) (j3-members.2006) February meeting schedule

Van Snyder van.snyder
Mon Oct 29 15:17:33 EDT 2012

Dick Hendrickson wrote:
> Since 200 is a round number,  are there any plans to have some sort of 
> gala and invite former X3J3 members to come and be wined and dined?

A geezer geek reunion, like the one we had at Gordon Biersch several 
years ago, would be fun.  I still have some Fortran cards that I can 
scan and make badges, like Walt did last time (unless Walt wants to do 
it).  It would be nice to see the geezers again.  Hopefully we can get 
Walt Brainerd and Jeanne Martin and Brian Smith and Dick Hendrickson and 
Richard Maine and Kurt Hirchert and Tom Lahey and Loren Meissner and 
Aleks Donev and Larry Rolison and Jon Steidel and Keith Bierman and 
Janice Shepherd and Henry Zongaro and Rob James and Jim Xia and Larry 
Meadows and Jerry Wagener and Mike Ingrassia and Rich Bleikamp and 
Mallory and ... to show up.  What do you think?  Should we go to 
Biersch, or somewhere else?

Unfortunately, Swiss Cafe has gone out of business.  I've tried but been 
unable to contact Wolfgang to ask if he's opened a new restaurant.


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