(j3.2006) What Marriott wants

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Thu Oct 4 15:19:41 EDT 2012

Now that we've lost Valerie, our account rep is apparently sticking
strictly to the Marriott book.  She wants a guarantee of $500 for
beverage service.  Alternatively, $3 per beverage, which would be "only"
about $150 -- about twice what we have been paying.  The boilerplate in
the agreement she asked me to sign also said that if we bring in our own
beverages or snacks, there will be a fee from the hotel.

My group at JPL recently hosted a big meeting in Pasadena.  After the
GSA party debacle last year, NASA has decided that there will be no
refreshments at all, not even beverages, at NASA-sponsored meetings.
Fortunately, the meeting venue was across the street from a big shopping
mall.  We don't have that luxury at Fairfield.

Is it time to think about moving along to a different venue?

I've gotten several solicitations from La Quinta, just a block down the
street.  I have no idea how their sales rep got my name.


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