(j3.2006) [Re: One of the proposals in 12-195 that didn't get out of subgroup]

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Thu Nov 1 01:26:42 EDT 2012

Malcolm Cohen wrote:
>  We on
> the committee CONSISTENTLY underestimate those costs.

Van Snyder wrote:
>One of the reasons things take longer than we expect them to is that we
>decided to work 25% less.

That is complete rubbish, and you will note that I stated that we consistently 
underestimate the costs.  I did not say "the amount of elapsed time", I said the 

Furthermore, I am not working 25% less, nor I suspect is anyone else.

>I have been urging for more than fifteen
>years that we could and should do more offline between meetings, but we
>still seem to do most of our work only in meetings.

We're already overworked, so sure we should do more.  Not.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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