(j3.2006) For consideration at 200

Bill Long longb
Wed Nov 28 08:52:38 EST 2012

On 11/27/12 9:00 PM, Van Snyder wrote:
> In addition to the proposal for a TS on units, my sponsors have asked me
> to put forward 21 proposals, of which 15 are described by papers from

I get a lot of requests from "my sponsors" for new features, often aimed 
at a performance tweak for a  code that is either archaic or was not 
very well written in the first place.  I see part of my J3 role as 
filtering these and, in most cases, explaining why the proposal is not a 
good idea as a general feature of the language, or is otherwise not 
appropriate, or unlikely to get a passing vote.  Perhaps it would be 
beneficial for all concerned if you were more aggressive in explaining 
to your sponsors  why some of these proposals are  unlikely to pass.

I'm not completely opposed to new features for f201x.  But the feature 
needs to be small, and trigger a reaction of "hey, that is a really 
good, useful idea" or "we probably should have done that in the first 
place".   If I though it was open season on proposals the size of Units, 
I would suggest reinstating BITS, since we already have all of the edits 
more-or-less done.  But I don't think that the season is open for this 
type of thing, and don't plan on such a proposal.  We already have two 
big features - the interop TS and the coarray TS. And there is a lot of 
work left to be done on the latter.


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