(j3.2006) For consideration at 200 - 21 more proposals

Whitlock, Stan stan.whitlock
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Why should J3 spend time on 21 proposals that almost for sure violate the Markham resolutions?

    This revision would concentrate on consolidation and removal of small inconsistencies in existing features and their
    interaction, and not add any large new features.

    [...] plus the removal of simple deficiencies in, and discrepancies between, existing facilities. The intent is to resolve
    issues that have been created by successive extensions to Fortran, while minimizing impact on the standard document,
    implementors and other users.  The criterion for deciding whether a change is simple is that it requires no more than a
    small amount of editorial effort and no more than a small amount of implementation effort.  Furthermore, WG5 resolves
    that no new significant language extensions, beyond those mentioned in these resolutions, will be considered until the
    process described in this resolution is complete.

You will probably argue that J3 should act as a whole on these proposals instead of sending them to subgroup so you can get maximum exposure.  When a proposal is rejected, it'll be another round of name-calling and accusing members of not reading or not understanding your proposals.

You mentioned several that you might propose in your previous e-mail:

    1.  MATMUL with more than 2 arguments - why put this in the standard except to force the vendors to do for free what
         you should buy from some math library company?  If enough customers want it, someone will sell it to you.

    2.  Caseless INDEX, SCAN, VERIFY;  UPPER_CASE and LOWER_CASE - write your own, maybe even in C

I object to this many new features being dumped on the committee.  I think this entire tactic should be rules out of order.


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In addition to the proposal for a TS on units, my sponsors have asked me to put forward 21 proposals, of which 15 are described by papers from 2004.  None of the proposals are large, but some might be larger than allowed by Markham resolutions.

I shall not be submitting 123 proposals, as I did in 2004.

I shall re-work several of the papers from 2004, in light of their being modifications to the 2008 standard.

Most of the 2004 papers were in PostScript format.  I shall convert those to plain text.

This might leave a very small number of plain-text papers from 2004 that do not need revision before consideration.  I shall provide a list in due course.

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