(j3.2006) Proposal for system of units

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Wed Nov 14 22:59:50 EST 2012

On Wed, 2012-11-14 at 18:31 -0700, Dan Nagle wrote:

> The most we can do at 200 re UNITS is to have a US-TAG motion
> for the US to ask WG5 to change its plan for the next several years.

That's about all I expected.  It isn't necessary to advocate for WG5 to
change its entire work plan.  Simply allowing a TS proposal to go
forward would be adequate.

> I thought Van had agreed to a Tuesday AM Tutorial, but I'm too lazy
> just now to go through my email to find the exchange.  Anyway,
> Monday is fine, if desired.

I don't care whether it's Monday or Tuesday.  A tutorial during the
usual nine-minute TAG meeting on Thursday would have been unacceptable.

Being allowed to give a tutorial at all is far better than the dead
silence or superficial dismissal that has greeted this proposal during
the previous 27 years.

> I trust US-TAG will meet Thursday PM so everyone will have time
> to digest the Tutorial.

I sent the names of the files in the Tutorials directory in the hope
that members would read them before the meeting and offer constructive
comments, instead of coming to the discussion cold, and then hoping to
gain a complete understanding of it within two days.  If necessary, I
can submit text papers saying "read the pdf" to the server to get
numbers for them.

For those who want at least a superficial understanding of the problem,
read pages v-vi in Units-TR-14.  An overview of the requirements
occupies ten lines in subclause 5.1 on page 9.  A superficial discussion
of how the requirements are proposed to be met appears in subclause 5.2
on pages 9-10.  More detailed discussion of the method to meet the
requirements appears in subsequent subclauses of clause 5.  The first
fourteen slides in UnitSlides-1 cover that material as well.

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