(j3.2006) F08/0068, was Re: Interp letter ballot #25

Bill Long longb
Wed May 16 08:23:08 EDT 2012

On 5/16/12 1:58 AM, Malcolm Cohen wrote:
> Or if it is just that it is time to wish we'd done something
> differently, can I put in my "there are lots of interpretations we
> wouldn't need if we'd not put in finalisation, defined i/o, and
> parameterised derived types"?  Not to mention "lots of compiler bugs we
> wouldn't have to fight with if we'd not put in etc."!

How true.  The latest (in our implementation order)  worm too big for 
its can is initialization of pointers to a target other than NULL().  An 
entirely different form of "initialization" in practice.


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