(j3.2006) F03/0103, was Re: Interp letter ballot #25

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed May 9 21:14:13 EDT 2012

---  -N-  F03/0103   Restrictions on dummy arguments not present for
                      polymorphic type or parameterized derived type
            I agree that the answer correctly handles the case of
            length type parameters (Q2), but it appears not to have
            addressed the question of polymorphism (Q1).

This is answered already
   "These were all intended to be standard-conforming."

There is no edit for that particular part because no edit is needed - the 
standard already allowed it, or rather, the standard already did not disallow 
it.  We cannot copy the entire standard into the answer and say "look here, no 
prohibition".  Note that the person asking the question did not mention any part 
of the standard that he thought might be excluding that case.

Would splitting the first paragraph of the answer into
"   A1. Yes.  There is no prohibition against this in the standard.

    A2. This was intended to be standard-conforming."
be helpful?

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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