(j3.2006) Won't be in Toronto

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Fri May 4 14:17:47 EDT 2012

On Fri, 2012-05-04 at 08:54 +0100, John Reid wrote:
> Van Snyder wrote:
> > I won't be at the Toronto meeting.
> I am very sorry to hear this. We will miss you.
> >
> > The problem this year appears to be primarily foreign travel.  I was
> > told that the edict didn't issue from the executive branch.  The NASA HQ
> > bureaucrats blamed Congress.  They implied that the problem wasn't
> > primarily cost, but rather perception.  They claim there's been a
> > clampdown for several years, but if that were so, how did the GSA junket
> > to Las Vegas sneak in?
> I just don't understand why, having appointed you as their international 
> representative, your country does not permit you to travel to an 
> adjacent friendly country. How does that improve the perception of your 
> country by the international community?

Apparently, ANSI's decision to accept my nomination as IR carries no
weight at NASA HQ.

> If there is anything I can do in my role of Convener to help, please say.

The lady who made the decision made it clear that any appeals would only
make things worse.

> John.
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