(j3.2006) Won't be in Toronto

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Thu May 3 18:44:31 EDT 2012

I won't be at the Toronto meeting.

The NASA bureaucracy has second-guessed the travel bureaucracy at JPL.

Six weeks after JPL approved my travel to the Toronto meeting, NASA HQ
says I can't go.  One wonders why anybody at JPL has budget authority in
the first place.

JPL had purchased a nonrefundable airline ticket for me, which included
travel to Santander, Spain, for the IFIP WG 2.5 meeting.  If I don't
re-use it before March 22 of next year, JPL (and the American taxpayer)
are out $2296.70.  If I do use it, the fee is only $200 more.  This is
how Congress and NASA save taxpayers' money.

They also screwed me because I had bought a nonrefundable airline ticket
for my wife to meet me in Spain.  NASA HQ didn't offer to reimburse me
to the tune of $1198.20.

I have one dinky paper about editorial issues, which I'll be putting on
the server for /edit to ponder.

Dan will need to serve as head of delegation, or appoint somebody else.

There won't be any duties for the treasurer.


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