(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4629) Vote on N1904

Bill Long longb
Mon Mar 12 14:30:42 EDT 2012

On 3/12/12 1:00 PM, John Reid wrote:

>>> Page 10, C1255, line 2, change "or" to
>>> ", a variable that has the ALLOCATABLE or POINTER attribute, a variable
>>> of assumed shape, a variable of assumed type, a variable of assumed
>>> character length, or".
>>> Reason: We are currently saying that all these variables are disallowed
>>> as arguments of a procedure with the BIND attribute. This is at variance
>> There is definitely a problem with C1255.
>>> with the whole intent of the TS. This change perhaps goes too far. It
>> By "too far", I assume you mean does not provide as much constraint as
>> needed. If so, I certainly agree with that. New to the things allowed
>> are allocatable coarrays.
> This could be added to C516 or added as C516a.

Or "C524a A coarray shall not be a dummy argument of a procedure that 
has a <proc-language-binding-spec>.  "

Helps keep the coarray constraints together, and also provides a clean 
constraint that could be deleted in the future if we ever wanted to 
pursue interoperability with UPC, or some evolution of C that was like UPC.


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