(j3.2006) READ unit ambiguity

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Sun Mar 4 19:51:26 EST 2012

On 3/1/12 11:52 PM, Malcolm Cohen wrote:
>> 10 .op. p = x
>> where 10 can be a label or a left operand.
> Now this one is very easily fixed - just delete free-form source and the
> problem goes away.

Bill Long replied
>fixed-form ?

There is no problem with the first statement on a line in fixed form, because 
the label is in a separate field.  I should have said "delete free-form source 
and semi-colons".

Oh, and I wrote earlier:
>Actually I don't think this one has been particularly bad yet.  Several other 
>pseudo-cool ideas have had lower benefit/grief ratios IMO.

Obviously that was before this latest one, so maybe it is in first place now.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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