(j3.2006) Some Questions About Function Returnign a Pointer is a Variable (Was:: READ unit ambiguity)

Bill Long longb
Fri Mar 2 12:07:54 EST 2012

On 3/2/12 10:55 AM, Craig Dedo wrote:

> 	The new rule, "function reference returning a pointer is a variable", seems like a
> Really Bad Feature, more like a defect that needs fixing.  I have a few questions.
> 	I tried looking up "function reference returning a pointer is a variable" in the
> Fortran 2008 standard and I could not find it.  Where is this defined?

See 6.2, definition of "variable".


> 	How difficult would it be to reverse out this abomination?
> 	How many compilers have already implemented this "feature"?
> 	How many programs or users depend on it?  How difficult would it be for them to
> change their programs if this "feature" was reversed out?
> 	What were the perceived benefits of this "feature"?  From my perspective, it
> appears to have few, if any, benefits and a very large number of complications.
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