(j3.2006) Final subroutines and coarrays

Bill Long longb
Mon Feb 6 09:04:10 EST 2012

On 2/5/12 8:59 AM, Tobias Burnus wrote:
> Dear all,
> if I correctly read the F2008 standard, one is allowed to have a FINAL
> subroutine with a dummy argument which is a coarray. If one has such a
> variable, it would be only finalized if it is a coarray. (or if the
> variable is an array and there is an elemental FINAL subroutine).

I think there may be a defect/omission in the standard here.  You are 
not allowed to have an elemental FINAL routine with a coarray argument 
(C1289).  A coarray dummy argument to a nonelemental FINAL routine seems 
problematic.  Coarray and a TKR compatible noncoarray dummy argument are 
not distinguishable for the purposes of generic resolution since a 
coarray actual can correspond to either a coarray or a noncoarray dummy. 
   So, allowing a coarray dummy argument would seem to rule out the 
possibility of having a nonelemental FINAL routine for noncoarray 
objects of the type. I don't think we really intended that.  Further, I 
don't see a benefit to having a coarray dummy for a FINAL routine.  The 
standard should have disallowed it.


> Do I read the Fortran standard correctly? Or is there something hidden,
> which disallows coarrays as dummy argument of a FINAL subroutine?
> Tobias
> PS: WG5/N1830 has:
> C480 (R452) A final-subroutine-name shall be the name of a module
> procedure with exactly one dummy argument. That argument shall be
> nonoptional and shall be a nonpointer, nonallocatable, nonpolymorphic
> variable of the derived type being defined. All length type parameters
> of the dummy argument shall be assumed. The dummy argument shall not
> have the INTENT (OUT) or VALUE attribute.
> C482 (R452) A final subroutine shall not have a dummy argument with the
> same kind type parameters and rank as the dummy argument of another
> final subroutine of that type.
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