(j3.2006) Descriptions of formal parameters that are pointers to Cdescriptors

Bill Long longb
Fri Sep 30 11:57:24 EDT 2011

On 9/29/11 7:00 PM, Malcolm Cohen wrote:
> Hi Bill,
>> IN the UK comments, for several of the  pointer formal parameters of the
>> CFI_section function, the description wording was changed from "shall point to"
>> to "shall be the address of".
> ...
>> Questions: Is the current set of proposed edits intended to be complete?
> No.  These seemed to be the most egregious.  As I recall, this all started
> because in some cases the wording was problematic not just because of
> address/point, but the problems were contributed to or exacerbated by the
> "point" terminology.

Several of the included changes involved adding "is a null pointer or" 
which was a needed fix independent of the "pointed to" issue.  Changing 
the remainder of those descriptions to use the "address of" form avoided 
a second verb and is generally an improvement.

>>   Is there a good reason for the wording of the result and source formal
>> parameter descriptions to CFI_section to be inconsistent?
> No.

>>  From an editorial point of view, it would be simplest to retain the "shall
>> point to" wording uniformly throughout.
> Not from the Fortran standard editor's point of view: our terminology is to use
> the "address of" formulation (typically qualified with "C", but in much of the
> TR the "C" is already implicit).  Nor from the foreign language translation
> point of view.  The TR (oops "TS"!) should be using the Fortran standard's
> terminology unless there is good reason not to.
> Please change all the "point" terminology to use "address" instead.

OK, this is the clarification I was seeking.   I'll proceed assuming 
this is the intent of the UK comment.


> Cheers,

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