(j3.2006) Descriptions of formal parameters that are pointers to Cdescriptors

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Thu Sep 29 20:00:57 EDT 2011

Hi Bill,

>IN the UK comments, for several of the  pointer formal parameters of the 
>CFI_section function, the description wording was changed from "shall point to" 
>to "shall be the address of".
>Questions: Is the current set of proposed edits intended to be complete?

No.  These seemed to be the most egregious.  As I recall, this all started 
because in some cases the wording was problematic not just because of 
address/point, but the problems were contributed to or exacerbated by the 
"point" terminology.

>  Is there a good reason for the wording of the result and source formal 
> parameter descriptions to CFI_section to be inconsistent?


> From an editorial point of view, it would be simplest to retain the "shall 
> point to" wording uniformly throughout.

Not from the Fortran standard editor's point of view: our terminology is to use 
the "address of" formulation (typically qualified with "C", but in much of the 
TR the "C" is already implicit).  Nor from the foreign language translation 
point of view.  The TR (oops "TS"!) should be using the Fortran standard's 
terminology unless there is good reason not to.

Please change all the "point" terminology to use "address" instead.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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