(j3.2006) Question about Comment GB20 on CFI_is_contiguous

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed Sep 28 20:06:42 EDT 2011

>I'm beginning to think that the original wording was not that far off.
>Here is a possible modification that might address the issues raised:

No, this is going backwards.

Forget the wording, what are you trying to achieve?  It looks like (c), which 
disagrees with my emails, with the UK comment, with your own previous email on 
what direction it was supposed to be taking, and with the rationale that it is 
just there to provide Fortran functionality to the C programmer.

>Since the result value includes an "otherwise" option, there should be
no uncovered cases.  If the descriptor is for an unallocated allocatable
or a disassociated pointer, the "describes an array object" fails, and
the "otherwise" specifies the result as 0. Similarly, if the descriptor
is for a scalar, "otherwise" wins.  If the intent is to use this result
to employ some optimized code for the case of the result = 1, then these
result values give you what you need.

This is completely unacceptable, and *NOT* what the programmer needs at all.

Should the programmer be asking about a scalar descriptor (because of 
assumed-rank), then for the scalar case he DEFINITELY DOES NOT WANT to use the 
"unoptimised" code seeing as how the object is not discontiguous.

Should the programmer be asking about an object that does not exist, that is a 
CLEAR ERROR and should not be allowed.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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