(j3.2006) Descriptions of formal parameters that are pointers to C descriptors

Bill Long longb
Tue Sep 27 08:54:25 EDT 2011

IN the UK comments, for several of the  pointer formal parameters of the 
CFI_section function, the description wording was changed from "shall 
point to" to "shall be the address of".  For example, GB21 changes 
"result shall point to" to "result shall be the address of".   This 
change is made to other formal parameters of the same function (GB23, 
GB24, GB25).  However, it is inconsistently applied.  For example, the 
source formal parameter is left as "shall point to".  Similarly, the 
formal parameters of other functions with similar wording were not 
changed.  Without the proposed changes, the wording throughout is 
consistently "shall point to".

Questions: Is the current set of proposed edits intended to be complete? 
  Is there a good reason for the wording of the result and source formal 
parameter descriptions to CFI_section to be inconsistent?

 From an editorial point of view, it would be simplest to retain the 
"shall point to" wording uniformly throughout.


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