(j3.2006) Question about Comment GB20 on CFI_is_contiguous

Bill Long longb
Mon Sep 26 19:02:17 EDT 2011


I assume the relevant UK voters are on this list, or can get the 
requested feedback.  Comment GB20 asks to add "scalar or" to the Result 
value of  the CFI_is_contiguous function.  However, the Description 
makes it clear that the function is expecting a descriptor for an array. 
  This was intentional since the corresponding Fortran intrinsic, 
IS_CONTIGUOUS, requires an array argument, and the Fortran concept of 
"contiguous" does not apply to scalars.  I would propose alternate edits 
for this Comment:, in the description of dv - Change "the object" to "an array"., in the Result Value - Change "object" to "array".

Is this an acceptable resolution for this Comment?


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