(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4525) WG5/N1876 - WG5 letter ballot 1 on Fortran 2008 interpretations [John Reid, 23 August 2011]

Whitlock, Stan stan.whitlock
Sun Sep 18 16:15:30 EDT 2011

Here are my votes on this WG5 letter ballot.  Thanks

/Stan Whitlock
 Intel Corporation

                                         ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG5 N1876

          WG5 letter ballot 1 on Fortran 2008 interpretations
                      John Reid, 23 August 2011

This is the first WG5 vote on a set of draft interpretations for Fortran
2008. They have all been approved in a J3 letter ballot.

The following Fortran 2003 interpretations are being balloted:

Yes  No Number     Title
-Y- --- F03/0030   IEEE divide by zero
-Y- --- F03/0048   Control edit descriptors in UDDTIO
-Y- --- F03/0085   Finalizing targets of pointer or allocatable
-Y- --- F03/0091   Array components cannot depend on length type parameters
-Y- --- F03/0096   Can a read statement change the unit value?
-Y- --- F03/0105   SIZE= specifier and UDDTIO
-Y- --- F03/0110   Restoring dropped restriction on ENTRY
-Y- --- F03/0121   Precise FP semantics of the REAL intrinsic
-Y- --- F03/0123   Implicit typing in derived types
-Y- --- F03/0124   definition is poorly defined
-Y- --- F03/0128   Subobjects in namelist output
-Y- --- F08/0001   Generic resolution with pointer dummy arguments
-Y- --- F08/0002   Are assumed- or deferred-shape objects allowed in namelist?
-Y- --- F08/0003   Is a disassociated pointer allowed as an actual DIM
-Y- --- F08/0004   Is TARGET argument of ASSOCIATED a pointer or nonpointer
           F08/0005*  optional arguments and ASSOCIATED - subsumed by F08/0004
-Y- --- F08/0006   generic resolution with banned argument combinations
-Y- --- F08/0007   Can zero have more than one bit sequence representation?
-Y- --- F08/0008   IEEE exceptions for intrinsic functions
-Y- --- F08/0009   Is ABS ever required to be the optional IEC 60559 abs?
-Y- --- F08/0010   deallocating objects that are associated with other objects
-Y- --- F08/0011   How many times are constructed values finalized?
           F08/0012*  Are constants finalized? - subsumed by F08/0011
-Y- --- F08/0013   How does finalization interact with allocatable assignment?
-Y- --- F08/0014   Finalizing assignment to vector-subscripted object
-Y- --- F08/0015   IMPLICIT
-Y- --- F08/0016   Can a vector-subscripted argument become undefined?
-Y- --- F08/0017   Elemental subroutine restrictions
-Y- --- F08/0018   Impure elemental restrictions
-Y- --- F08/0019   Transformational Bessel functions
-Y- --- F08/0020   FINDLOC and logical arguments

* F08/0005 is subsumed by F08/0004 and F08/0012 is subsumed by F08/0011.
Each pair of these interps must be voted on together.

The text of these interpretations is in N1875.  Each interpretation starts
there with a row of "-"s.

Please mark the above -Y- in the Yes column for "yes", -C- in the Yes
column for "yes with comment", or -N- in the No column for a "no"
answer {be sure to include your reasons with "no"} and send to

        sc22wg5 at open-std.org

by 0900 UK time on Thursday, 22 September 2011, in order to be counted.


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