(j3.2006) What does this mean?

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Mon Oct 31 16:10:54 EDT 2011

Does the following

[13.7.1p2] "A program is prohibited from invoking an intrinsic procedure
under circumstances where a value to be returned... is outside the range
of values representable by objects of the specified type and type

mean "not greater than the most positive value and not less than the
most negative value," or "not a member of the set of valid values," as
specified by

[4.1.2p1] "For each type, there is a set of valid values....  The sets
of valid values for... real are processor dependent."

[4.2p1]  "A type might be parameterized.  In this case, the set of
values... depend[s] on the values of the parameters."

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