(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4578) Comments on N1885

Bill Long longb
Fri Oct 28 11:17:27 EDT 2011

On 10/27/11 6:26 PM, Van Snyder wrote:

>>> 8.3.9p2,p3(1): "BIND" should be "BIND(C)"
>> The name of the attribute is "BIND" (5.3.5 in F2008), and the text being
>> replaced in F2008 by this text currently says "BIND", so I disagree with
>> this.
> This question came to mind because of a remark I overheard at 196
> concerning BIND things other than BIND(C), perhaps in Cray's compiler
> (or desired to be therein by Cray customers).  IIRC, it was BIND(UPC).

BIND(UPC) is currently just a request, not implemented (at least by 
Cray).  I agree that, if the standard expands to a BIND for anything 
other than (C),  we will need to look at the instances of BIND in the 
standard and decide which ones need to be replaced by BIND(C) because 
they are C-specific.   However, the place to do that is in the context 
of adding that feature to the base standard.  I prefer to not make the 
above in the TS, since it appears to be making a change in the base 
standard that is unrelated to the topic of the larger edit.


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