(j3.2006) Are functions in 15.2.3 pure?

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Fri Oct 28 00:26:18 EDT 2011

>Are the functions in 15.2.3 pure?


>  It doesn't say so in, or in
>their individual descriptions.

No contradiction there then.  (Unlike the c14 case.)

>Should they be pure?  I can't think of a reason why not.

It would appear to be reasonable to make them pure, but they are not pure in 
F2003 or F2008.

I think the definition of purity in 12.7 needs an extra entry, something like
  - a module procedure in an intrinsic module that is specified to be pure
otherwise there is a contradiction between 12.7 and 14.x.  It might also be 
considered advantageous to allow vendors to supply additional pure procedures in 
an intrinsic module.

BTW, compiler_options() and compiler_version() are also apparently not pure.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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