(j3.2006) Questions about 29113

Bill Long longb
Mon Oct 24 08:35:27 EDT 2011

On 10/21/11 10:11 PM, Van Snyder wrote:
> I have a few questions about 29113.
> What should the value of the "attribute" member of CFI_cdesc_t be for
> the case of a nonpointer nonallocatable scalar, which I assume is only
> meaningful for an assumed-length character?  None of the values in Table
> 8.1 seem appropriate.

If you  have a nonallocatable nonpointer  assumed-rank dummy in a 
Fortran interface,  the attribute in the corresponding C descriptor will 
be CFI_attribute_assumed.  It is  possible for the actual argument to be 
a scalar in that case, so CFI_attribute_assumed already covers at least 
one case of scalar.  CFI_attribute_assumed would seem like the natural 
option for nonallocatable nonpointer assumed-length character as well.


> Do we need CFI_attribute_scalar, or is CFI_attribute_unknown_size OK?
> If the latter, the final sentence of 8.3.4p6 ought to be changed to
> explain this usage.  Maybe something like "... an object that is, or is
> argument associated with, a scalar or an assumed-size dummy argument."
> Or, should we say that the "attribute" member is not used, and can have
> any value, if the "rank" member is zero?
> CFI_cdesc_t seems to be a rather large hammer for nonpointer
> nonallocatable assumed-length scalar character arguments.
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