(j3.2006) Questions about 29113

Van Snyder vsnyder
Fri Oct 21 23:11:58 EDT 2011

I have a few questions about 29113.

What should the value of the "attribute" member of CFI_cdesc_t be for
the case of a nonpointer nonallocatable scalar, which I assume is only
meaningful for an assumed-length character?  None of the values in Table
8.1 seem appropriate.

Do we need CFI_attribute_scalar, or is CFI_attribute_unknown_size OK?
If the latter, the final sentence of 8.3.4p6 ought to be changed to
explain this usage.  Maybe something like "... an object that is, or is
argument associated with, a scalar or an assumed-size dummy argument."

Or, should we say that the "attribute" member is not used, and can have
any value, if the "rank" member is zero?

CFI_cdesc_t seems to be a rather large hammer for nonpointer
nonallocatable assumed-length scalar character arguments.

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