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Thanks very much.

From: Daniel C Chen [cdchen at ca.ibm.com]
Sent: 12 October 2011 16:23
To: Reid, John (STFC,RAL,CSE)
Subject: Re: WG5 meeting in June 2012

Hi John,

I wish I could make it too to meet you guys. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to go through all the internal process. As for hosting the WG5 meeting in Toronto next June, I have discussed it with Jim and it seems we have no problem doing it. I will send you a local arrangements paper once I find out all the details.

Looking forward to meeting you too.



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From:        <john.reid at stfc.ac.uk>
To:        Daniel C Chen/Toronto/IBM at IBMCA
Date:        2011-10-12 08:20
Subject:        WG5 meeting in June 2012


I am very sorry you were not able to get to the meeting this week. I was hoping to discuss with you plans for the WG5 meeting next year.Will you be able to host it? If so, please will you prepare a local arrangements paper soon? You can see what it needed by looking at previous such papers on the WG5 web site. If it is going to be difficult for you, we do have a backup plan which is to come here in Las Vegas, but we would need to arrange this soon in order to be able to negotiate a contact with the hotel.

I look forward to meeting you next June.

With best wishes,

John. --
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