(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4560) Interps ballots

Bill Long longb
Wed Oct 5 08:43:43 EDT 2011

The values in the "Result" row in N1884-1 do not seem to correlate with 
the individual votes above in many cases.


On 10/5/11 4:41 AM, John Reid wrote:
> WG5,
> Here is the final version of N1878, the result of interps ballot 1.
> Malcolm persuaded me to change the result of F08/0014 to be C because
> Bill did not raise any technical points.
> Also, here is the first draft of the preliminary result of interps
> ballot 1. I would like to explain two of my decisions and invite comments:
> F08/0026, Long vote. I don't think the edit allows the output of Q1. It
> says
>      "If records are written to a sequential file by more than one
>      iteration, the ordering between records written by different
>      iterations is indeterminate."
> F08/0040, Snyder vote. I believe that J3 has already considered making
> MOVE_ALLOC an image control statement and rejected the idea. J3 should
> not be asked to reconsider this unless a majority in the WG5 vote
> request it.

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