(j3.2006) German comment 3.

Reinhold Bader Reinhold.Bader
Wed Oct 5 03:12:02 EDT 2011

Am 04.10.2011 23:33, schrieb Bill Long:
> Comment 3 in the German ballot begins " ... specifying the elem_len argument to CFI_allocate gets into trouble if the argument 
> describes a fixed length character entity."
> However, 5.3.8, in the paragraph following list item 6(d),  "If a dummy argument in an interoperable interface is of type 
> CHARACTER and is allocatable or a pointer, its character length shall be deferred."
Overlooked this.
> How would the remainder of Comment 3 change in light of this restriction?
I guess that means Comment 3 can be shelved. On the other hand, the situation probably implies that
support for fixed-length allocatable/pointer strings will never be added; I think having the deferred length
case dealt with is more relevant, but existing pre-F2003 codes might miss the fixed-length case.
> Some of the current Comment overlaps with the GB33 and GB34 comments in the UK ballot, and can be merged into a single paper.   
> I'll try to write that today or tomorrow.
> Cheers,
> Bill

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