(j3.2006) GB36, GB43, GB51 request new text

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Tue Oct 4 04:24:34 EDT 2011

>I have some doubts about GB51 since it is unclear whether this should target 
>the old MPI Fortran interface or the new one.

Probably the new one since the old one does not use the features in the TR.

> Similarly, will this require a reference citation to the MPI standard (again, 
> which one)?

No.  If it is too complicated to understand without reading the MPI standard, it 
is too complicated as an example anyway.

>  Finally, I have some misgivings about examples specific to MPI that would be 
> integrated into a Fortran standard that already has facilities that make MPI 
> no longer necessary.

Then why did we spend so much time doing things for MPI.  They have been a major 
driver of certain features of the TR, there is no point pretending otherwise.

>But the basic question here in, particularly for GB36 and GB43, are there any 
>volunteers to write papers with the edits for these requests?

I volunteer Craig to do GB51.  Hi Craig!

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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