(j3.2006) Question about Comment GB20 on CFI_is_contiguous

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Tue Oct 4 03:28:53 EDT 2011

Bill Long wrote:
>I see two general cases where using CFI_is_contiguous would be interesting.

These are astonishingly non-general very niche cases.  If these are the only two 
"general" cases then the function is completely pointless.  I for one can 
imagine many generally useful cases so I do not agree for a moment that you have 
characterised the universe of discourse.

You have completely not refuted any of my points, like an array section of 1 
element is contiguous, so why on earth would you think an array element is not 
contiguous.  We are talking A(I:I) vs A(I) here.

To reiterate:
The preferred answer for a scalar is TRUE, as per the UK comment.

The not preferred but grumblingly acceptable for me (not speaking for the rest 
of the UK here) would be that it is not valid to call CFI_is_contiguous on a 

Returning FALSE, or returning a "random" value that might be FALSE, is 
absolutely not acceptable.

Please do not make me regret defending the inclusion of CFI_is_contiguous in the 

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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