(j3.2006) GB36, GB43, GB51 request new text

Bill Long longb
Mon Oct 3 17:34:35 EDT 2011

Three of the UK comments request new (non-normative) text be added.

GB36 - add a Note with a simple example to explain paragraph 2 of 5.3.7.

GB43 - replace A.1.1.

GB51 - add a new A.2.4+ with an example illustrating MPI calls.

I have some doubts about GB51 since it is unclear whether this should 
target the old MPI Fortran interface or the new one. Similarly, will 
this require a reference citation to the MPI standard (again, which 
one)?   Finally, I have some misgivings about examples specific to MPI 
that would be integrated into a Fortran standard that already has 
facilities that make MPI no longer necessary.

But the basic question here in, particularly for GB36 and GB43, are 
there any volunteers to write papers with the edits for these requests?


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