(j3.2006) One more thing for the C TR

Bill Long longb
Mon Oct 3 09:01:53 EDT 2011

I think that this proposal is out of scope for the TS.  It would be more 
appropriate as a f201x proposal, though I agree with Malcolm that there 
are issues.


On 10/2/11 10:07 PM, Malcolm Cohen wrote:
>> It would be useful if the C TR required a header file containing the
>> values of the named constants in Table 15.2 in the 2008 standard, with
>> the names specified there, maybe in upper case.
> I disagree.  If the Fortran compiler has options that change the kind numbering,
> this would be the opposite of useful.
>> I needed to test whether c_int == kind(0) (alternatively c_long) and
> In F2008 you can have pass the storage size and check that.
> Cheers,

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