(j3.2006) J3/11-207 Results of the J3 interp letter ballot #23

Dan Nagle dannagle
Thu Jun 23 22:09:45 EDT 2011


Except it works correctly sometimes, and fails other times.
I've checked the paper program, and it's the same static binary
we've used for years.

Possibly the upload process runs with a different uid sometimes?
I really just don't know what the intermittent error is.

It appears the rsync process that restored files on the new server
did not preserve symlinks.  Rich and I have been finding them
and fixing them for a while now.  All the symlinks known to me are fixed.

On Jun 23, 2011, at 19:57 , Malcolm Cohen wrote:

> Dan Nagle wrote:
>> The copy of paper195 in the year 11 directory appears complete.  ??
> Well yes.  People have been complaining for some time that the upload script has not been working correctly, viz it uploads the paper and bumps the number but reports that it fails and doesn't update the paper195 file and maybe doesn't update the year directory or something else.
> Perhaps someone could look into it?  (Not me, I don't have the librarian/root password so can't fix anything.)
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