(j3.2006) binding labels and global identifiers

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Fri Jun 17 05:07:26 EDT 2011

Robert Corbett wrote:
>Is the program presented above intended to be standard-

Not if you mean "did we all knowingly vote in favour of that".

>Implementations could easily be made to handle
>the program by using a different mapping of global names to
>linker names.  Making such a change might break backward

Right.  There is no way I (or IMO many others) would have voted in favour of a 
forced naming scheme change with no great benefit, so I think this is all a 
mistake.  In fact since none of us using the Unix f77 scheme have changed our 
implementations to the naming scheme it implies, I think the evidence is 
overwhelming that we did not intend it.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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