(j3.2006) Paper submission

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Mon Jun 13 00:16:08 EDT 2011

Bill Long wrote:
>Just as a general policy, it is not acceptable to try to edit 10-007r1 by 
>slipping edits into Clause 6 of the N1854 that are not related to the TR. 
>This should be modified to be a paper with edits to 10-007r1 and go into the 
>pool of proposals for the next revision.

I think this is a spectacularly unhelpful response to a proposal to handle a 
real problem with interoperating with companion processors, viz the asynchronous 
updating of Fortran entities caused by the companion processor.

This possibility is not limited to MPI or new things like OpenCL but includes 
the asynchronous i/o primitives found in most operating systems and available 
through most C compilers.  Such primitives have even been available in ordinary 
retail operating systems like *BSD, Linux and Windows for well over a decade.

In fact IIRC we already debated this in the context of how can we support MPI, 
and decided at that to handle this in the TR.

So I strongly disagree that this is a priori off the table.  On the contrary, we 
have already been dinged on our apparent lack of action to support our earlier 
decision and communication with the MPI community!  We would do ourselves no 
favour by continuing to take no action on this issue.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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